Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Gallery. Week 13: Friendship

Two Little Boys.

The theme for The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers this week is Friendship.

Mr Nudie is a solitary creature. Like a lot of blokes I know, he believes that the quality of friends is more important than the quantity. He has one really good friend who has been his best buddy for years now. They met through their mutual love of sailing and spent many weekends away sailing for years until I came along and ruined it all.
When Mr Nudie and I got married , I moved from London to where he lives on the South Coast. I didn't know a soul, so his best friends lovely wife took me under her wing. She is now one of my closest friends. A year later I fell pregnant with the Little Prince. Shortly after that our friends announced that they were expecting too. This meant that my friend and I shared our pregnancies and even better, we were on Maternity leave at the same time. The babies were born just five weeks apart, both little boys.
The boys will be three at the end of the summer. Already their friendship shows great promise. I wonder if they'll meet for Sunday night beers to put the world to rights in years to come, just like their daddies.............


  1. Do you realise that in every single photo the boys are wearing stripes?! In two they look like you have dressed them identically, and that photo of them holding hands? Wedding day photo for sure!!

    Great post!

  2. I hope they are friends for many many years, they have the makings of a great friendship anyway, great place to start:) Jen.

  3. That is very lovely...sniff. I love the one of them holding hands! And I'm always partial to a boaty boy or two! ;-)

  4. Thank you lovelies. I hadn't even noticed their outfits, but yes- we would often meet for playdates and the boys would unintentionally be dressed very similarly. As for the sailing, I wouldn't be suprised if these two end up circumnavigating the globe in a two man vessel.

  5. What a wonderful story - and such cute pictures!

    I think I recognise the park in the first pic, too ;)

  6. What a great story and great photos, love the first one ;)


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