Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What am I doing here?

Why am I here? That is a very good question. Blame Bec. It's all her fault. Bec, my very good friend who writes a freaking hilarious blog called Beetroot & Gherkins, is the one who got me started with all this blogging malarkey. Of course, I'd heard of blogging before I met her. I just never thought in a million years I might actually be interested in/capable of writing one. I mean, isn't that what interesting people, with erm, interesting lives do?
I had a Doctor friend a few years back who used to keep a travel blog. I never read it. I thought his blog was another way of showing off (he was a bit pretentious) what a kerrazzy life he led. Every time an email update landed in my inbox, I ignored it. Copenhagen this weekend, Reykjavik the next. Oh how lovely, sorry- I thought Junior Doctors worked really long hours and had no money......
Anyway, blogs- yes, interesting people. When Bec told me she was writing a blog, I honestly thought 'about what?' I mean, we are both mums who work part time. Whats interesting about that? Then I read it and I nearly wet my pants laughing. She is laugh out loud funny. Who would have thought writing about Potty Training your kid is funny. Of course it's funny. Kids are funny. They say funny shit (about shit too, apparently). The penny dropped. That's what (parent) blogging is all about. Sharing your stories, good and bad, funny and not so funny. Our kids aren't little for long, and this is a great way of writing things down so we don't forget.
I have my lovely friend to thank for my addiction to Twitter, too. 'You should go on Twitter' she said. 'No bloody way' I said. 'The house is already a tip, I don't have time for Twitter'. Of course, I joined up the following day. What did I find there? That most of the people I followed wrote a bloody blog.
I read a brilliant guest post written by Josie at Sleep is for the Weak for the Angels and Urchins blog about why she started blogging in the first place. It really got me thinking. I left a (very long) comment. One of the things she said that stuck in my mind, was how in her early days as a blogger, she felt like a child in a playground watching all the cool kids playing. I empathised with that because I'd started feeling a bit like that kid on the edge of the playground myself. I had blog envy. Twitter induced blog envy!
So, here I am several weeks after I read that post, finally having a go at this blogging business myself. I don't know why it took me so long. I am the queen of procrastination. What shall I call said blog? What the f*** will I talk about etc. I can't even decide what pants to wear of a morning (big, granny ones generally, so why the procrastination?) You get the picture.
I've done it now, finally. Who knows what I'll ramble on about. Shit probably. But hey, I hope you'll join me on my little journey into Blog Land. I will never write with with the eloquence of Josie or be as funny as Bec is, but one thing you can be sure of............there will be swears.


  1. You just made me laugh out loud. For real. Keep on blogging love! Please!!

  2. Oh hello!!
    Do you know, I thought it wouldn't be long before you got dragged into the madness - woohoo! :D
    Enjoy - I look forward to more sweary posts - and feel free to come see me too! xx

  3. Thank you ladies. Yes, I knew I'd end up here too eventually. Leslieanne, you know what a terrible influence that Bec is don't you..........

  4. You are lovely. Welcome to the maddness, you're going to love it...

    And there is a distinct lack of blogs that feature swearing in my reader so I am very glad you are here!



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