Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Gallery. Week 11: Men

It is week 11 of The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. The prompt this week is Men. I could have come up with something highly original to do with Men, but no. Like almost everybody else, I want to post photographs of the most important Men in my life.
I am the lone female in a house full of boys. There's Mr Nudie of course, and our Little Prince. Ginger Dog is also a boy, as is the latest addition to our family- Stitch. I don't have any photos of him yet. I always used to think I would have liked to have daughters, but I'm really happy with my boys. As the lovely Mr Nudie put it recently 'You are the most important lady in three boys lives'. I love that I am. Here they are. My boys.


This is Mr Nudie. The love of my life. My best friend. The first photograph is of him on our wedding day. The one below is of him on our honeymoon in Indonesia. I still get goosebumps when I look at that one.

I love this photograph. This is Mr Nudie and the two day old Little Prince being introduced to Ginger Dog. All of my boys, together. They are more than just the Men in my life. They are my life.


  1. Brilliant! Love the pic of all three of your men together. I have a similar pic of my dog being introduiced to a day old C!

    And swit swoo to Mr Nudie!

  2. Aw that last one of all three of them is enough to give you the hormonal sniffles!

  3. I LOVE the frowny wrinkles on Ginger Dog's forehead! He's like, 'is that it? Seriously?'

  4. Fab photos, very handsome husband, son and ginger dog!

  5. Lovely pictures, I love the last one, such a little cutie ;)

  6. Woah, that last photo made me want to cry it's so gorgeous. Then of course I'd want to ruffle ginger dog's wrinkles and cuddle sonny jim! xxx

  7. ahhh that last photo is gorgeous - there is something about seeing a daddy holding his baby isn't there? :-)

  8. Those photos are just lovely especially the last one. I too am the lone female in a house of boys. *sigh*

    hmm, what a waste of letters, when gawjuss would have sufficed.
    But honestly, gawjuss. x


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