Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My favourite Photograph.

I'm no photographer. Despite spending a not insubstantial amount on a decent DSLR Camera last year, I'm not especially creative with it. I bought it to catalogue the next few years worth of memories of my child, and hopefully children. I haven't even attempted a sunset yet.
My favourite photograph is not a photograph I have taken myself. It was taken by my Mother in law who does know her way around a Camera. She specialises in Still Life mostly, but this photograph is just lovely and I have featured it in a previous post. I love it for sentimental reasons. It's my soppy Ginger Dog being introduced to my newborn son for the first time when he was a day old. Luckily, she was there to capture it.

This post is for week 31 of The Gallery. The prompt is My Favourite Photograph. I love it, look at his wrinkles.


  1. Aaaw! What a gorgeous picture of your three special boys.

    A fabulous picture with a lovely story!

  2. That's a gorgeous pic of a fab moment. Ginge actually looks quite proud!

  3. That's a beautiful photo - well done MIL
    The is something extra special about seeing a man holding his newborn, it's always a lovely sight to see :)

  4. I remember this picture! It's beautiful, it really is x

  5. Yay... I love this pic it's brilliant! Ginger Dog looks like he's impressed lol... hope they still get on OK!!

  6. Oh it's so lovely. Awwww. :)

  7. Can't beat a new baby pic, just scrumptious x

  8. oh my oh my oh my....this is brilliant, oh I adore this. oh i'm in trouble here...!!

    Judge Spud xx

  9. YOu didn't mention the look of bewilderment on your hubbies phase. He looks overwhelmed. gorgeous.


  10. This is absolutely gorgeous..I also wish I was good at photography.

    I am a new follower :)


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