Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Blog of Substance award.

Very surprised I was to receive this Blog of Substance award from the delectable Mrs LJHall.  Especially given the fact that I have been even more slovenly than usual and have posted absolutely nothing for three weeks, for various reasons *slaps wrist*.
Anyway, here's what I'm supposed to do........

1) Give groveling gratitude filled thanks to the blogger who awarded you.
2) Share your five word blogging philosophy.
3) Nominate further bloggers of substance.

Blimey. Well, I've never really stopped to think about what my 'blogging philosophy' might be. I only started this blog in May, and I don't take it very seriously really. It's just for fun. That can't be my philosophy though, it's only four words. I would say 'shit my kid says' as that's the main reason I started this blog in the first place, but again, four words. I can't even say 'I tell it like it is', because although I definately do, that is what Lisa herself wrote as her philosophy damn her.
So, I leave you with this,

I write from the heart

I do. There's not a great deal of deep thought that goes into some of the stuff I write in here, no elegant prose. I just write what I feel. Sometimes it will be amusing and sometimes it won't. That's it really. Simple. Much like myself.

Now I need to pass this award on to fellow bloggers that I feel write a blog of substance. Tricky one this, as there are so many great blogs out there. Without further ado, I nominate:

Another Goldfish Very new to blogging, this lady also writes from the heart, so go and show her little blog some love.
Mumrablog Still fairly new to blogging, like me, but she's much better at it. Go and check her out.
Miss Cherry Red Not new to blogging, but Amy writes a great blog and I heart her and her tweets a lot.

That's it!


  1. Aw Fanks!

    I am extremely excited about this! I get to stick the picture on my page and everything??

    Woop Woop....As for your kind words i'm not sure i do do it better than you! I spend all my time reading other blogs in awe, yours included.

    Shit its just sunk in now i have to do that ^ bit too don't i?!

    This will need some thought..

    I am smiling massively :-D

  2. Congrats on the award Mrs! very well deserved..luv your blogs and tweetiness! ;D XXX


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